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Simpl Labs
Simpl Labs
Onkar Kishan Khullar, the managing partner of I Impact India and Presentation Ink today launched brand new Simpl Labs. It’s one of a kind and to be very frank a unique consulting firm which is there to make your life, business and work simple.

What is the idea behind Simpl Labs?

Onkar has been working with corporates, NGOs, startups, professionals and startups for quite some time now, nearly 5 years. According to him, the hardest and the biggest task for these people is to do things in a simple and minimalistic manner. So he decided to use his unorthodox methods to make business simple.

What’s in the Logo?

Simpl’s logo is inspired by a tree. The tree appears simple from the outside but has complex structures inside. It represents the infinite possibilities that lies within us and how to bring one clear and simple idea from plethora of these possibilities. Their tagline goes like this: Making the Complex Simpl (Simple). They removed the 'e' from simple because that’s what they do. Get rid of the excess stuff and explain any idea, any business plan/model in a simpl manner.
Simpl Labs
What's in the kitty for customers?

The first question that pops up in anyone’s mind is: Bro, what’s there in store for me? I will give you an appropriate answer for that.

1.The first benefit is that Simpl Labs works on Pay What you Wish model. They will get your things sorted and done. That’s it. Give them whatever you feel like.

2. The second benefit is their commitment to deliver you a solution for your problem in minimum 10 working days.

3. The third and the most interesting benefit is an increase in profits. You can ask your precious resources to work on something else and let Simpl do all the talking.

Long story short, this will save your time, help you in increasing the scalability of your venture and increase profits!

Pheww. What are you waiting for now? Visit and give them a shoutout for such an amazing concept. You can drop a mail on [email protected] or visit to check out more stuff.

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